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Our graphic design services give your print or marketing campaign predictable results: a professional and visually appealing piece 100% of the time.

At jazpress.com we have several ways to approach design so that you get your desired results all while staying within your budget. We have talented designers who can create down-to-business design in a short time frame as well complex jobs where time and attention to detail are top priority.

Topics to consider when choosing a design path:

Print deadline

As print manufacturer's we always recommend giving yourself and everyone involved enough time to plan, schedule and complete your job. The number of revisions, proofs and available hours all plays a role in getting the design done early so it can be printed.


Another element that ties directly to choosing a reasonable print and graphic deadline is accuracy. Every designer should be checked thoroughly by an outside proofreader, including the many print experts at jazpress.com. Just ask and we'll be more than happy to help you.

Color Scheme

Color is often times the focal point of the designed piece. Whether it is two colors, full color or one color can have a big impact on the cost of the project, so plan wisely.

Recommendation: Always talk to a jazpress.com customer rep or read one of our articles on color palettes. Remember there is a big difference in what you see on the web versus what is done in print, with the right expertise both design techniques can be accommodated.

Nature of Piece

The first question you should ask yourself is, "What is this design going to be used for and who is going to be looking at it." Once this is determined it is often easier to determine if you are going over-the-top, not dedicating enough resources or if you are right on your target.

Our graphic design fees range from as low as insert new prices on rare occasions. We charge a reasonable rate so that your business can grow with us.

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